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Happy Endings: Not Just for Men Anymore

Now, a good massage truly is orgasmic.
When we heard about the trend of "happy ending" massages for women, we were intrigued. While husbands and boyfriends are giving them to their partners, reportedly even high-end salons across the country are providing this "fringe benefit" to women.
Remember when Samantha tried to get one on Sex and the City?
Even though Samantha was ultimately unsuccessful, she--like many women--was pulled in by the concept of combining massages with orgasm. After all, we like each of those things independently, so why not combine the two?
"Happy ending massages for women are definitely growing in popularity," says Julie Jeffries, co-author of Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind-blowing Orgasms. "It makes sense, given that massage has grown so popular. Women are looking for the next big thing, and genital massage definitely fits the bill."
Jeffries says our hands are our most underrated, underutilized asset in our sexual bag of tricks that are finally getting their due. "Hands can play piano concertos and perform open heart surgery, so it stands to reason they can whip up some dazzling feats in bed as well," she explains. "Sometimes, hand jobs are seen as a consolation prize since we can have sex instead, but that's just because most people aren't aware of all the amazing sensations hands can deliver. By my count, there are no less than 27 ways to give a woman a happy ending. Once you've felt these techniques--like Vulva Yoga or Little Earthquake--you'll have a whole new respect for all the things your hands can do. There are even acupressure points on the genitals you can awaken that will get your whole body humming."
Amy, a 32-year-old who has had happy ending massages in two different states, says the key to getting a happy ending in a spa is clear but subtle communication. "It's all about giving the right signals," she tells Tango. "Initially [the masseur] kept it very clean, but I was really turned on, and I let him know it by moaning and saying how good it felt. He started slowly touching my thigh, then going higher, and it turned into a game of how far each of us would take it. One thing led to another and he ended up finishing me off, which was great."

So how do you send the signal you want a "happy ending" at a spa without asking for it outright (which is against the law)? Request a male masseur. Feel out the vibe. "Sometimes, you can just tell a masseur would be into it," Jenni, 36, of New York City says. Moan at appropriate moments in the massage (when he's massaging your thighs, for instance)...and see if he gets the message.
While Jeffries says "happy ending" massages at spas are still relatively rare, and even illegal, getting one at home is easy peasy. "These days, pretty much every couple's got a bottle of massage oil in their bedroom," Jeffries explains. "Clearly, finishing off that massage with an amazing orgasm is a no-brainer in most people's books." 
But if your guy can't deliver the hands-on goods, she says it's time to go back to school. "There is a growing popularity in classes where trained professionals, called 'sexological bodyworkers,' teach people the hand skills they need to give their partners happy endings," Jeffries explains.
So go ahead and make a massage appointment at a spa or with your man. You'll be so glad you came.
Would you ever get a "happy ending" massage?

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